Filled cookies with cherry and apple

A unique cookie for all ages and especially for people who are sensitive to gluten.
It has a unique and pleasant taste that comes from high quality domestic and foreign raw materials, produced in a strictly controlled production process, with preservation of functional properties of ingredients.
Main ingredients: fruit filling of cherry and apple, milled chia seeds, honey, spice mixture (cinammon, clove, ginger), buckwheat flour, rice flour and extruded corn flour, cocoa powder.

Nutritivne vrednosti

Nutrition information per 100 g:

Energy value

1673,3 kJ /396,7


9,1g (od kojih zasićene masne kiseline 3,9g)


74,2 g (of which sugars 47,1g)


2,6 g


3,2 g


0,3 g